Welcome to Heaven-RSPS!

Heaven-RSPS is a new server that is undergoing exponential growth. This server has a flawless PvM system that includes 50+ bosses, 20+ commands, and 5 custom donator zones. Heaven-RSPS also offers perfect Pking\Staking\Dicing. F2P players have 10+ commands for bosses which drop all the items necessary to Pk\Stake\Dice. Skilling has not been a large part of Heaven-RSPS due to the amount of those not interested, yet we do have a skilling system which is fun to complete and has a completionist cape reward and title. The love here is strong and the ideas of those around you and yourself will help to build Heaven-RSPS and make it a place where RSPS players can log on to use their time in a manner that excites and keeps them motivated for goals! We cannot wait to see you in-game and show you the content that Heaven-RSPS provides.